Wednesday, January 24, 2007

AutoCompleteExtender Problem

IMPORTANT NOTE: This problem was found when I was working with AJAX RC1.

Recently, I tried to add an AutoCompleteExtender for each item in a repeater (which itself is inside an UpdatePanel). In each item, I added also Edit/Update links, textbox and AutoCompleteExtender. Here is the HTML view

However, it seems that TargetControlID property is not affected when the autocomplete set inside the repeater/updatepanel (Actually, don't know which one is the reason). But what I did is to set the TaregtControlID property of the extender in runtime, when the user trying to edit a certain item.

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That is all!

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Mohamed said...

Did you try that with the RTM release and the corresponding toolkit?

Mohammad Nour said...

Not yet!

Mohammad Nour said...

The same problem exists in the RTM version of AJAX. I don't know is this problem related to practice or not. I mean maybe it's not a common or valid to add AutoCompleteExtender inside an UpdatePanel control. Maybe!