Thursday, July 27, 2006

Port Forwarding

If you have a server inside your LAN and you hope to access this server from WAN (ex: internet), unfortunatlly, you will not be able to access this server with out making some changes to your router configurations. So that, any requests comes from port 80 will be forwarded to the server LAN IP address.

For example, suppose you server local IP address is, and WAN address: In your router configuration, forward any request comes on port 80 to In this way, you will be able to access the server from the internet by addressing:

Of course this not just for port 80, for example, you server may receives the HTTP requests on another port, say 8080. So, you do the previous steps as it is but with this port number. And you will be able to connect to server from the internet by addressing:


Ahmed Talaat said...

Nour basha,
I think there's a protocol called UPnP that can easily register ports at the router using a program.

Your router should support that but most of them do.

Mohammad Nour said...

Thanks Ahmad for your comment!

Yeah this is true, I have googled to find more information about UPnP and it's really interested protocol. You may find more about it here:

I just explained a feature in routers which may many of us didn't know before and so important to show up your server on the internet.