Monday, January 01, 2007

Zune: The Microsoft iPod

It seems that Microsoft want to straggle in all the fields even in the Media and Music World. Now, we have a new competitor for iPod - The Apple Product - which is introduced as Zune. Zune is a new handled device for music and media gives you almost the same features of iPod and maybe better. Explore more about it here: Zune - Official Site

Depending on this post, Zune has some key features which may lead to a great success over iPod. For example, Zune gives you the WiFi conectivity feature which is an attractive way in sharing songs and videos. However, you can't connect to the internet through it (see this). Also, the wide screen is something attractive for Zune fans.

The challenge which Zune may face is in the Zune battery life which may not be able to last for a long time with the Wi-Fi connectivity and the device large screen. It's nice to mention here that, iPod battery can currently last for approximatly 12-hours.