Sunday, August 05, 2007

SubSonic - Free DAL Generator

Data Access layer generation is one of the exhausting tasks in building any multi-tier software projects. SubSonic is one of the free .NET Data Layer Generators which can help to make your life easier. The generator is really simple to use and efficient. You can do almost all the needed SQL operations using simple method calling. Moreover it's an Open source and the source is available on CodePlex.

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Information Source: Mohammed Tayseer


Mohamed A. Meligy said...

hmm..Subsonic ??? Gat mennak enta, leih keda !! :D

Anyway, if you have enough money, then maybe llbGen is the best option. You have used it and you know ;)

Speaking of free alternatives, I've used on production website back in 2005 (the fastest site I ever finished in terms of development time!). Of course it evolved with time and now has support for more interesting goodies.

However, with the two (like most OR mapping and DAL tools), you have to write parts of your queries as strings (at the VERY least column names). That's one more reason why I love llBl although I didn't like it in the very beginning (as if any of us did! :D ).

After all, LINQ should do most of the work in the near future as we know :), maybe with the help of BLINQ, if anybody believes in UI generation ;)

I've blogged about what this project was originally intended to be (by that time they called it ActionPack), if u like history check:

Mohammad Nour said...

I wasn't talking about the better generators anyway. LLBL is really a top notch generator but unfortunately it's not free. We should consider some alternatives. I guess SubSonic even with some drawbacks can be a way to start up.

For LINQ, I guess for performance, some guys will prefer generating the data access layer than using LINQ. We will see!

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