Saturday, December 29, 2007

Survey - The Software Industry Inside Egypt

This survey is one of the first initiatives aims to formulate accurate indicators about the software development industry inside Egypt. The survey will give important information about the current professional level of the software companies. It will try to measure different aspects in the industry like the companies technical level, management, process, salaries and the work environments. The target is to give informative details for the IT stuff to get a clear and transparent information regarding their career.

Please be accurate in your answers as much as you can. Your answer is definitely affect the overall results and the others attitude. The final results will be published here in this blog.

* We don't collect any identity information in this survey.



[03/2/2008] The survey results have been published. Click here
[31/1/2008] The survey results will be published on Sunday, 3rd February, 2008
[12/1/2008] The survey participation period is extended to 19th Jaunary, 2007


Fady Anwar said...

this is really great idea, when the results will be released?

Mohammad Nour said...

Thanks Fady. The results will be published most probably at the end of this week.

Ahmed Essam Naiem (Neo_4583) said...

Peace be upon you

I have wrote something about Software houses in Egypt

"Egyption Companies Part 1"

it's about "how much you suffer to work for Egyption Software house"

:D I hope you like it,

Mohammad Nour said...

This is completely true! We really have a problem here in Egypt regarding the model of the software companies. The model here is just to complete your required tasks and that is it. We are missing the discussion between the decision makers and the developers. Developers won't be innovative without some kind of freedom. Why don't we have these kind of managers who gives the developers budget and time to make an idea of their own? Why don't we have this kind of competition between the software houses in building innovative ideas? Why when we ask about the best software houses in Egypt we get only one or two companies? Many questions needs our attitudes more than answers.

amr_mt said...

A good initiative Mohammed and good effort in the survey questions.., but don't you see that it lacked the appropriate propaganda?

Many just heard about it after the results have been released.., it needed some marketing in developers communities like Egypt-Developers, EGJUG, EGLUG... etc. to capture a wider slice of the market.

Keep up such initiatives, cheers!

Mohammad Nour said...

Thanks, Amr. Yes, this is true. I didn't make a good work in the propaganda. I think it should be through a group or association able to spread the word in their places. Hope to have a better one in the future!

Have a look on this post by Waleed Abdelwahab. I think it say the same according to the propaganda and coordination thing: