Sunday, February 03, 2008

Survey Results

In December 29th, a survey were published for public to answer - for more details check this post. Here is the results of the survey:

Download the Survey Results:

[Update] The attempt should be considered as a start to confirm the benefits of these kind of surveys. The results may appear to have some illogical information. Unfortunately, we have only 150 participants. Needless to say that the more you get participations, the more you get accurate results. But still I promised to publish the results even with this small number of participation. I hope to find more similar and effective attempts in the future from authorized and independent organizations in Egypt.


Ahmed Essam Naiem (Neo_4583) said...

Peace be upon you Mohamed,

Really I don't know what to say, this document is really a REFERENCE, it is well organized, I did n't read it in detail but the charts give me enough information, really thanks for what you have done, I think it took lot of time to do such document to us,

Thanks Mohamed and hope that you got better and give us more :)

Ahmed Essam

Adel Khalil said...

Many thanks for the time and effort, that is really helpfull.

Fady Anwar said...

Very nice, that is exactly what the egyptian IT market needs, statistics
but next time u need to get more responses, i think u should think about ways to get more exposure, because as i've seen there was only around 150 participants mostly from ppl using .net which could make the survey result have some bias

Mohammad Nour said...

Yes. This is really a problem to be solved. But as I mentioned on the survey results document, the announcement were sent to the most active developers groups on the internet. However, small percentage answered the survey. I can't find specific reasons for that except 3 things:

1. People afraid of answering this survey. They may think that answering the survey will get them into troubles with their companies.

2. People can't trust on how the survey results will be published. I mean here that showing the information improperly can lead them to problems with their companies.

3. What do you think if the IT Ministry do this survey instead of me? Will the people answer it or they will be confused as well?

Several points needs some answers and solutions.

Waleed Abdelwahab said...

A great start! the results still need to be more accurate, but everything has to have a start, we tried to do such attempt before with some help from the authorized entities like MCIT and FCIS, Ain Shams University so they can provide the authorized protection, but it has been repulsed by some bureaucratic procedures, and there wasn't so much dedication to continue till the end, this sort of work needs dedication and awareness like the great work you did!

You need to have a staff of participants in your next survey campaign, so they can market well for the faithful reasons behind this should cover thousands of participants of the different market slices, plus it still needs a lot of help and participation from authorized "independent" entities, so it can give an authorized protection and also would help with the available information.

when would you start your next attempt?

t said...

Yalla, nice work, again next year?

Mohamed Kassem said...

Well done ya Nour, Hope you get more participation next year ISA

Teettou said...

Hi Mohammed,
Good effort. This may be the first IT survey of its kind in Egypt! Well done.

I do however have some comments on the layout, content, and language.

1. Layout
The layout for the .doc file is poor. May be it looks better in .docx, I don't know! The report is short, and could've been done in html, for a better layout, better images (zoom-able).
For a "professional" look/layout I would suggest LATEX.

2. Content
The questions were very general at best, and do not really reflect the state of IT development in Egypt, specially with the low number of respondents (to the majority of questions). I am not a statistician , but I know you can't really analyze a question if less than 10 participants responded to the question.

3. Language
I am sorry to say the language of the report was poor at best.
Certain words should never be used in a report, words such as: stuff, like,...
I would suggest having someone proof read it - grammar wise.

In conclusion, the report is confusing, and could have benefited from more organization, and grammar.

It is a good start though, and I am sure next years' report will be a lot better.

All the best

Mohammed Nour said...

Thanks for your comments. I hope to solve these issues in the next tries.

About the doc file, actually, the report was written originally using Office 2007. Then, I convert it to the .doc file afterwards. This leads to some kind of a poor layout. I think online publish on a web page is a good idea and worse trying.

About the content, the point of "General Questions" was one of my points in the future consideration section. Yes, I think we need more details questions to target specific sides in the IT industry.

I agree with you about the report grammar. It should be revised by another person before publish. I think it will be better to have a committee - or more than one individual - to participate in building this survey for more quality wise results.

HAtem Metwalli said...

Good job and keep going. I still did not have the chance to fully review the whole report.

Appreciating your efforts very much.

ameernada said...

hi Mouhamed ,
from the comments , i sure that u did great job , but unfortunately i couldn't open the file even i dono the extention of that document ( docx ) so could u please help me to have the survey result
ur coperation is really highly appreciated

Mohammed Nour said...

The docx file is the Office Word 2007 format. Unfortunately, there is no currently any other format for the document.

Anonymous said...

To convert to MS Word 2003, download:

Dalia said...

the survery results are no longer available
can u kindly let me know how to get them